Egg Storage Box Refrigerator Organizer Food Containers


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A new update has come: now we’ve improved the grooves without scrolling onto other trays. The larger front opening helps you to remove eggs more easily.
Keep your refrigerator organized: Use an egg holder to neatly organize your refrigerator to keep eggs fresh longer, and discard fragile egg cartons.
Keep it fresh: Large opening at the front of the egg storage container, good ventilation, let the eggs breathe freely, longer fresh time, no more odor when opening the refrigerator.
Up to 30 eggs: Each egg tray can hold up to 10 eggs, perfect for you to choose a model that suits your family’s needs.
Bpa-free: Egg Tisers are made from premium PET, allowing you to store fresh eggs and eat healthy. Simple daily care – Clean the egg rack with mild soap and water

Material: Plastic
Size: Size: 26x10x20cm
Color: Green
Quantity: 1pcs

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