Egg Storage Box Durable And Convenient Flip Egg Storage Box


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Environmentally friendly materials, using food grade raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly. Deepen the egg tank to ensure a stable placement of the eggs and prevent them from falling off and breaking.
Flip over design for easier access without moving the storage box. One egg per grid, the eggs are fixed to avoid collision and breakage.
The three-dimensional three-layer design doubles the space instantly. Put it on the refrigerator to use the useless space on the upper layer. After taking one layer of eggs, turn the egg rack over and take the lower layer of eggs, making it easy to take.
The refrigerator partition and the stove/cabinet are applicable, and both the refrigerator partition and the stove can be placed smoothly.Overlay placement saves space and can be stacked and stored in multiple layers to make full use of space.

Material: Plastic
Product size: three layer 25.5 * 10 * 23cm
Color: Brown
Quantity: 1pcs

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